Looking Into the Crystal Ball

By releasing your event app before your event, it becomes a predictor of which presenters and vendors your attendees will be most drawn to, allowing you to plan your event accordingly.


You already know EventTime™ is a powerful tool for producing hard data during and after your event, but did you know it can also be used as a predictive tool? When your app is available ahead of your event, your attendees can start marking the presentations and presenters they want to see. Attendees use stars to rate different presenters and vendors ahead of time, and also star which presenters are in their “must see” category.

The app analytics keep track of, and store, which items attendees view and star as soon as the attendee starts using the app. From these early responses, you will know ahead of time which presentations are going to need massaging to fit the attendee interests better. You may need to move a popular presentation’s time so it does not conflict with another popular presentation the same attendees are all interested in seeing. Or, you may have a “hidden gem” that you would not have known about until after the event was over, when it is too late to do anything but make sure they get an invitation back next year.

The early information you gather from having the event app available sooner rather than later can also be used to fine-tune your advertising campaign.  You can draw attention to the presenters and vendors that are popular with attendees or aim some marketing to the presenters that aren’t getting enough attention to justify their costs.

When you get your app out early, you can use every update as a marketing opportunity, and to improve the flow of your event, which in turn will make your event the best it can be.

L.J. Cavanaugh has over 38 years experience in technical writing. She has written technical manuals for everything from sonic pile drivers to computer software, and co-authored a Prentice-Hall book on cryptography and network security. Currently, she writes blog articles on mobile event software. L.J. moved to Silicon Valley in 1978, where she is now a servant to 2 cats. She can be reached at lcavanaugh@symposiuminc.com.