We do things a bit differently,
and that's the way we like it!

Our Mission

We partner with event organizers to create an extraordinary user experience by using technology to provide simple access to the ideal event app. The EventTime event app is intuitive for attendees to use, creates rewarding sponsorship opportunities, and provides you with information to help understand your event customers’ wants and needs.

Our Story

EventTime founders Autumn Cardone and Tom Padula’s love of music, culture and learning draws them to a wide variety of events every year. Wanting to get the most from every event they attended, Autumn and Tom became very frustrated with the typical, printed event schedule. The lack of user-friendly information made it difficult to keep track of where they wanted to be. And the printed materials were easy to lose.

This frustration motivated Tom to develop an app that he and Autumn could use for the next event. Having many years of experience developing software at Apple Computer and other leading tech companies, Tom spent every minute of his spare time over several weeks developing an event app they could download on their cell phones and use without a network connection. The app had a simple user interface that let them prioritize what they wanted to attend, with interactive maps to point where to go, and alarms to ensure they saw everything they wanted to. After using the app at the event, Autumn and Tom realized that it was so much better than anything that existed that they decided to share their innovation with others, and Symposium was born. They went to work refining the product and introduced the EventTime mobile app for iPhone and Android in early 2018.

Meet the EventTime Team

Founders Autumn Cardone & Tom Padula


Autumn Cardone

Co-founder, President & CEO

Serial entrepreneur for 30+ years
BSCS in Software Engineering & Artificial Intelligence

Autumn has 30 years’ experience in all aspects of the event industry — from exhibitor, presenter, and manager, to producer. Autumn sees the value of the EventTime mobile app not just for organizers and attendees, but also as an effective showcase and marketing tool for exhibitors, presenters and sponsors.

A multifaceted Renaissance woman, she has run a charitable event for the last 20 years to support battered women. She is also an award-winning artist working in several different mediums, and a life-long equestrian and animal trainer. As a long-time member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a historical reenactment society, she has enjoyed teaching the crafts of spinning and other fiber arts to hundreds of members.


Tom Padula

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology
Princeton University

For 30 years, Tom has been at the forefront of computer engineering and digital audio processing. He has held senior positions at Apple Inc., Silicon Graphics, Opcode Systems, and Digidesign. He holds five patents in music technology and electronics. While at Apple, Tom was part of a small team who wrote the first apps for the iPad. He was also responsible for the stable release of three versions of iMovie. At Digidesign, he was instrumental in the creation of Pro Tools, where two of his patents have significantly advanced the audio technology industry.

Tom is passionate about music, and plays most string and wind instruments. An active member of the Society for Creative Anachronism for close to 30 years, he has led their choir for the last 20 years.