It’s Not Too Late, Baby

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.” As an event producer, you know how true this is.  From last-minute presenter cancellations to whole venue reconfigurations, making a change at the last minute is sure to keep you and your staff up late.

You waste money on printing because the old programs are now good for nothing but recycling, and the new programs are going to have to be printed at a premium price for rushed production, whether at the original printer or a local quick print. That is, if you can actually get them reprinted in time. Your regular printer most likely will not be able to slip you into their schedule in a timely fashion, and the local quick-print may not have the capacity or stock to print the number of revised programs you need in the time you have left.

Reconfiguring the maps also requires them to be redrawn properly before they can be sent to the printers. Of course, once the maps are printed you are most likely going to have to have a team slip-sheet them into your programs by hand, increasing your costs on the production side, and your attendees’ frustration when the maps fall out of the program, as they so often do.   

The cost of these last-minute solutions is not only measured in dollars spent, but in time spent, anxiety, and the increase of lost and frustrated attendees.  

There has to be a better way.

And there IS a better way. When you use EventTime™,  changes can be made on the same day for almost any situation.  By contacting your Client Liaison, even the largest changes can be converted by our experts into the information your attendees need and incorporated into your EventTime™ app in as short of a time as is reasonably possible.

Attendees downloading your app will automatically have the most current information, while attendees that have already downloaded your app will get a notice that the app has been updated*

Stress-free changes: better for your attendees, and better for you.

*If they have even a minimal cell connection

L.J. Cavanaugh has over 38 years experience in technical writing. She has written technical manuals for everything from sonic pile drivers to computer software, and co-authored a Prentice-Hall book on cryptography and network security. Currently, she writes blog articles on mobile event software. L.J. moved to Silicon Valley in 1978, where she is now a servant to 2 cats. She can be reached at