Sponsors Love Our EventTimeApp

Usually at an event, there are banners or posters thanking the event sponsors and a small listing in the printed schedule. But the event sponsor’s name often gets overlooked by those who don’t know what the sponsor does; as the saying goes – “out of sight, out of mind.”

Using the EventTime™ app changes this, and for the better. With EventTime™, attendees can learn more about each of your sponsors when they first see your sponsor’s name. Your sponsors are listed right off the home page and in the sponsor section. Clicking on your sponsor’s logo takes your attendee to the sponsor’s in-app page. On their in-app page, your sponsor can target your event’s audience and how your sponsor supports your event, explain who your sponsor is and what they do, and even link to special offers as well as directly linking to their own website. This gives the sponsors a better way to interact with your attendees at your event and beyond.

What sponsor wouldn’t want this? It’s a win-win-win situation.  Your sponsor gets more visibility; your event gets much-needed support, goods, and services; and your attendees have more opportunity to buy and use your sponsor’s products. After your event, your audience is more likely to remember which sponsors supported your event.


L.J. Cavanaugh has over 38 years experience in technical writing. She has written technical manuals for everything from sonic pile drivers to computer software, and co-authored a Prentice-Hall book on cryptography and network security. Currently, she writes blog articles on mobile event software. L.J. moved to Silicon Valley in 1978, where she is now a servant to 2 cats. She can be reached at lcavanaugh@symposiuminc.com.