Was It Worth It?

Choosing the right event app not only makes your attendees and sponsors happy, it provides you with valuable information about your event itself. The right event app tracks your attendees’ preferences, giving you an excellent picture of what they were interested in. Most importantly, it allows you to analyze the actual value of each of your presenters based on attendee interest vs. presenter cost.  

At a recent event, the producer paid a large sum for a presenter they thought would be their headliner. However, later data showed that the most popular presenter was actually one of the least expensive ones. That inexpensive presenter had over 10 times the interest of the headliner! The event producer ended up wasting big money on an unpopular presenter because they didn’t know what their attendees really wanted.

Having solid data about which topics and presenters provide your event with the most value allows you to accurately plan future events. This helps you create events that your attendees and participants look forward to coming back to year after year.



L.J. Cavanaugh has over 38 years experience in technical writing. She has written technical manuals for everything from sonic pile drivers to computer software, and co-authored a Prentice-Hall book on cryptography and network security. Currently, she writes blog articles on mobile event software. L.J. moved to Silicon Valley in 1978, where she is now a servant to 2 cats. She can be reached at lcavanaugh@symposiuminc.com.