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The Best Mobile Event App

EventTime is much more than a mobile event app. We create and update your EventTime mobile app specifically for your event — give us your information and we take care of the rest. You and your staff are freed up to focus on what you're best at, creating an awesome event—while we create for you, the most intuitive, user-friendly mobile event app to ensure your attendees are happy and to grow your business!

White Label - Superior Features - All Included

Fully white-labelable, EventTime is an all-included package of superior features; other apps charge substantially more for individual features. For your participants and and attendees, all event details are just a few clicks away, and interactive maps make it easy to find everything. For you the Event Producer, Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Presenters, the detailed listings provide high marketing and analytics value.

Comprehensive Event Marketing and Analytics Data

In addition, EventTime collects the most comprehensive marketing and analytics data from your attendees and participants, so you can create the most successful and profitable events. Your analytics data enables you to: identify which categories and activities attendees are most interested in, reduce scheduling conflicts, and delve into the behavior of individuals and groups — all of which means a higher ROI for your events.

EventTime Benefits You, the Event Producer

  • Saves you time — we create and update the app for you.
  • Saves you money — reduces the cost of staffing, paper, printing, trash, and litter removal.
  • Provides most comprehensive event analytics — helps you to create more successful and profitable events.
  • Promotes your brand with a fully white-labelable app.
  • No internet connection needed once the app is downloaded.
EventTime The Best Event Mobile App
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EventTime The Best Event Mobile App
Intuitive Schedule
  • Simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface — all event information is just a few clicks away.
  • Automatically makes a personalized schedule based on attendee’s priorities.
  • Interactive maps point attendees to where they want to go.
  • Native to iOS and Android.

EventTime Benefits Your Presenters / Sponsor / Exhibitors

  • Provides high visibility on the app — easy to find with searchable/sortable lists.
  • Personalized details page with as many links as needed.
  • Includes interactive maps that make it easy for attendees to find Presenters, Sponsors & Exhibitors.
  • And more.
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EventTime Mobile App Benefits Everyone

Learn more about the extraordinary features and benefits of EventTime for everyone involved with your event: producer, attendees, presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors.