You Look Great!

There’s a scene in the movie “Back To The Future” where the main character, Marty, has gone back in time to when his mother was in high school.  She assumes his name must be Calvin because it was written on everything he wore. Now, that may have been great advertising for Calvin, but it was a total branding failure for Marty.


One of your most important assets is your company’s branding. A well-branded event app raises the level of confidence your attendees have in you and your event. When your app is fully branded, your attendees know that they can trust your event to provide them with the great experiences they have come to rely on from you. You have worked too hard to make your company, products, and event the best they can be. Don’t throw all that away by using an inferior event app that doesn’t allow your important qualities to shine through.


At EventTime™, we understand how important it is for your event app to reflect your company and your event; whether it is a conference, a music festival, a sporting event, or a convention. We are committed to making you look great with our EventTime™ app.


L.J. Cavanaugh has over 38 years experience in technical writing. She has written technical manuals for everything from sonic pile drivers to computer software, and co-authored a Prentice-Hall book on cryptography and network security. Currently, she writes blog articles on mobile event software. L.J. moved to Silicon Valley in 1978, where she is now a servant to 2 cats. She can be reached at